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The VT5 hiking challenge was created in 2019. The VT5 mission is to attract seasoned hikers, as well as those who are new to hiking, to the beautiful green mountains of Vermont! These 5 mountains are all above 4,000 feet giving hikers the challenge of an Adirondack 46 peak in the heart of Vermont. Hikers will even get the chance to hike portions of the Long Trail! 

How to Tackle the VT5


Although the VT5 is comprised of relatively "easier" hiking trails, please keep in mind that it is still a challenge. Seasoned hikers may choose to tackle the peaks as they see fit, using any alternate trails. The challenge can be accomplished in the standard form, as an ULTRA 24-hour challenge, or as a Winter challenge. 

Upon Completion


 Once you've conquered all 5 peaks, you are eligible to become an official member of the VT5! To receive your VT5 patch, sticker, and official VT5 roster number, please complete the registration form and send it in, along with your $10 registration fee. Your name and official VT5 number will be listed on the roster.  


 Disclaimer: This website does not guarantee the trail information provided is 100% correct and cannot guarantee your safety on the trails. Hike at your own risk and always be prepared. The VT 5 and its creators are not liable for any property loss or damage, personal injury, or any unfortunate death that may occur while hiking or accessing any trails described on this website. 

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The Vermont 5

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